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HTE is the creator of the Acoustic Interior Design

We offer customized solutions to transform any room into a truly specialized entertainment environment that seamlessly integrates stunning Italian aesthetics, high-performance Acoustic Treatment and designer furnishings.

Our finished designs are expertely hand craffed by specialized artisans with the goal of creating a unique Italian Design.

Never ending solutions…

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Style & Design

HTE Acoustic Interior Design designed by a team of skilled designers and painstakingly built with the goal of achieving a singular example of italian desing that will transform any space into a immersive and comfortable entertainment space. 

Full Integration

HTE Acoustic Interior Design fully integrated with acoustic corrections. Each of our levels ensures the maximum degree of interaction and performance between the “box or room shell” and the HTE  Acoustic Interior Design.

No Aesthetic Compromise

HTE Acoustic Interior Design spaces are engineered with comfortable and pleasing aesthetic designs in mind. Every finished detail of the room is actually a function of the acoustic system designed to maximize the aural characteristics of the room.

Comfort, Elegance & Livability

HTE Acoustic Interior Design pleasant to be in for periods longer than the time necessary to enjoy a movie or television event. Each room has in common a feeling of livability that provides a great retreat in which to read a good book, or to simply have a comfortable conversation.

Involvment 3D

HTE Acoustic Interior Design  providing today’s complex systems the complete positioning flexibility necessary to produce a three-dimensional “sound bubble” ambience. They allow the formation of a powerful immersive sound field, which accurately recreates the sonic image.

The Best Result Ever

HTE Acoustic Interior Design the panel component performs its specific functions required for acoustic correction. As a complete system, they properly re-distribute room modes and regulate absorption, reverberation, diffraction and reflection of sound resulting in the creation of a perfect 3D sound image.

From Our Clients

The single most important thing is to make people happy. 

“Partnering with Italy’s HTE allows us to offer the most unique, progressive and interior design led acoustic solution on the market. It’s the simplest way for residential installers to deliver the most comfortable, acoustically perfect, customised home cinema and media rooms.”

Wayne Hyde

Technical Manager, Custom AV Distribution

I have been involved in a number of Maurizio’s HTE Theaters, and I am always struck by not only how beautiful and stylish they are, but at just how well they work acoustically. Everything he does serves a purpose acoustically, even the lovely recessed and carefully lit shelves for objets d’art

But most rooms that perform at this level are simply wrapped with stretched fabric to cover up all the necessary-but-ugly acoustic treatment. They may be different colors or use different sconces, but they all end up looking quite alike.

HTE rooms are stunning to see and equally stunning to hear. It’s hard to imagine how anyone would not be proud of everything about these rooms.”

Jon Herron

International Sales Manager, Trinnov Audio

“By working with Home Theatre Environment and the team at CAVD, we are able to take a shell of a room and have complete control over the finished cinema. We introduced Maurizio to the interior designer on the project to agree the colour scheme and furniture for the room, this has then allowed the room to be acoustically designed without compromising either the aesthetics or where the acoustic treatments are placed.”

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