"HTE firmly believes that a large private cinema room is much more than just having a big screen and deafening volume level. Recreating an authentic movie experience at home requires flawless design and accurate acoustics along with exciting audio and video performance and, above all, comfort and livability. This is our passion and the work we have been successfully pursuing for the past 30 years".

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    About Us

    “HTE (Home Theatre Environment) is a leading Italian company that offers customized solutions. We will transform any room into a genuinely specialized entertainment environment, combining the technological demands of modern audio/video systems with HTE’s stunning design and lavish furnishings”. The HTE approach is considerably different, arising from 30 years of experience. We engineer and develop rooms dedicated to entertainment and provide complete solutions able to yield accurate acoustic response. However, HTE treatments are not separate from the aesthetic design. They are instead completely integrated with the room space.

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    What we do

     “HTE transforms any environmental space, making it acoustically perfect. We accomplish this without aesthetic design changes thanks to a range of modular components and furnishings. Every HTE room is developed and engineered by a specialized team of designers skilled in the creation of Private Theaters. Their finished designs are expertly hand crafted by artisans with the goal of creating a unique Italian design. HTE will build any room space into a perfectly functional, visually stunning, acoustically correct, private home theater.

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Our target

    Are you a custom installer, an architect or an interior designer?

     Then HTE will be your best asset.  Around the world our partners look to Home Theatre Environment as their reference point for both residential and commercial spaces. Our processes are streamlined, efficient and reliable. This allows us to expertly match any room with specific design and acoustic criteria thus providing our customer with the highest quality products along with beautiful, eye pleasing aesthetics. Our products can be found in many applications conference, meeting, boardrooms and of course world class Private Theaters.



    HTE Modular offers an adjustable personalized “paradise” arranged and formed by equally sized rectangular panels and specialized niches. Modular provides custom made

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    Luxury is the precursor of all HTE Acoustic Design System rooms and is our most well known model. Photographs of this striking modern design have spread throughout the

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    First presented in January of 2016 at the the ISE exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands, STORM is a new and highly refined acoustic room design by Maurizio Conti. STORM

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    Royale debuted at the ISE Exhibition in 2014 and is unique among all HTE Acoustic Design System rooms. Royale is a hybrid of our two high-range systems, Modular &

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    The Horizontal 40 model is more cost-effective. The 40 employs a simplified installation system with reduced adjustment and customization options. This system has very

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    The relatively inexpensive Horizontal 50 model employs a simplified installation system. This system has linear walls with horizontal wooden panels, which are 50 cm in

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  • SQUARE 60

      Square 60 utilizes a simplified HTE installation system. Adjustment, customization and acoustic treatment levels are reduced compared to those found in our

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  • SQUARE 80

      Square 80 also utilizes a simplified HTE installation system. Adjustment, customization and acoustic treatment levels are reduced compared to those found in our

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    The WAVE CS model debuted in 2015 at the ISE exhibition in Amsterdam. Wave combines the simple features found in Horizontal and Square, along with the flexibility of

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  • WAVE

    Wave combines the simple features found in Horizontal and Square, along with the flexibility of adjustable fasteners. They are exclusively covered in category 3 fabrics

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HTE respects the environment in which we all live. All the materials used to manufacture our Acoustic Room Designs, are derived from a green manufacturing supply chain providing the lowest possible environmental impact, trying, in this way, to give nature a hand.

Why Us


    A team of specialized designers and artisans create HTE rooms. They are built with the aim of realizing a unique masterpiece of Italian design, which will transform any room into a gorgeous private theater.


    The HTE interior design is an integral part of the acoustic correction function. All HTE rooms ensure the maximum degree of interaction between the “box or room shell” and Acoustic Design. This combination leads to the highest possible level of acoustic correction and performance.


    HTE spaces are engineered with comfortable and pleasing aesthetic design in mind. Every finished detail of the room is actually a function of the acoustic system designed to maximize the aural characteristics of the room.


    HTE rooms are pleasant to be in for periods longer than the time necessary to watch a movie or television event. They have in common a feeling of livability that provides a great retreat in which to read a good book, or to simply have a comfortable conversation.

  • Involvement 3D

    HTE rooms provide today’s complex systems the complete positioning flexibility necessary to produce a three-dimensional “sound bubble” ambience. They allow the formation of a powerful immersive sound field, which accurately recreates the sonic image.


    HTE Acoustic Design components act on the specific functions required for acoustic correction. They properly re-distribute room modes and regulate absorption, reverberation, diffraction and reflection of sound resulting in the creation of a nearly a perfect image.


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