about us

HTE is an Italian company that transforms any entertainment space, making it acoustically perfect.

Every HTE room is developed and engineered by a specialized team of designers skilled in the creation of Private Theaters. Their finished designs are expertly hand crafted by artisans with the goal of creating a unique Italian design.

HTE will transform any room into a perfectly functional, visually stunning, acoustically correct, private home theater. We accomplish this without aesthetic design changes thanks to a range of modular components and furnishings.


Recreating an authentic movie experience at home through an expert design, accurate acoustics, exciting audio and video performance and, above all, comfort and livability … with a touch of Italian taste. 

Are you a custom installer, an architect or an interior designer?

HTE will be your best partner.

Around the world our partners look to Home Theatre Environment as their point of reference for both residential and commercial spaces. Our processes are streamlined, efficient and reliable. This allows us to expertly match any room with specific design and acoustic criteria providing our clients with the highest quality products and beautiful aesthetics.

Our products can be found in many different applications conference rooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms and of course world class Private Cinemas and Media Rooms.